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NPC List

In RagnaTime, there are many NPCs to enhance quality of life.

The NPCs that exist in the server are:

  • Hunting Missions: You'll be able to acquire a unique quest to earn Zeny and Hunting Points.
  • Presence Shop: Here you can redeem your presence points. Link: Presence Points
  • Poring Coin Shop: Here you can redeem your Poring Coins Link: Poring Coin System
  • Enchanted: NPC for equip enchantment. Link: Random Item Bonus
  • Job Master: Service that assists you in changing your job position for a fee
  • Basic Town Warper: Only destinations related to job changes for the first classes are available (Alberta, Geffen, Izlude, Morroc, Prontera and Payon.). You can use a Free Ticket for Kafra transportation on this NPC.
  • Stylist: Change your style.
  • Reset: Reset your Stats and Skills until level 70.

It's possible to add more NPCs before or after the server opens.