QoL Changes and Balances

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We've implemented quality-of-life enhancements across our server to elevate the gaming experience.

Our goal is to cultivate a community-centered environment that fosters enjoyment and player satisfaction.


  • Renewal Training Ground experience
  • Setting icon to configure automatic commands upon entering the game
  • Broadcast for obtaining an item less than or equal to 0.05%
  • No need for a weapon to equip ammunition.
  • Ammunition remains equipped even if you unequip a weapon.
  • Weight (Reco) improved up to 70% of 50%.
  • Sitting Recovery Buffed.
  • Removed zoom restriction in special inns or dungeons.
  • Character won't be able to automatically follow another.
  • Arealoot Command available. Link: Arealoot
  • Increasing the time for a user to pick up items from the ground of the mob they have killed before another user can pick them up, from 3 seconds to 5.


  • Won't receive experience if more than 20 cells (area_size) away from the mob.
  • Party EXP Bonus: +10% per member.
  • Party Share LvL: 15


  • Gospel skill will no longer be able to stack upon relogging.
  • Teleport skill (Lvl 1) is the same to using a Fly Wing.
  • More destinations enabled with /memo in the Warp Portal skill.


  • Inn Healer Buffed with Agi/Bless Skills (5 minutes).
  • Multi-Refine.
  • Multi-Rough convert.
  • Added ToolDealer in all cities to make better use of them, turning them into better places for guilds and big groups.


  • HD Attack numbers.
  • The visual maximum damage no longer has a limit of 999,999
  • Add more zoom view.
  • Area Size view from 14 to 20.
  • Walkable cells from 17 to 20.
  • A loot of transparents textures.


  • MVPs don't respawn before a maintenance or server down.
  • Enable Tombstone (MVPs).
  • Won't be able to attack any Mob next to a NPC or Warp Portal (5 Cells).
  • Disable Monster Fatigue.
  • Disable METAMORPHOSIS Skill.
  • Mob can Stack (same cell)
  • Anubis mob experience reduced by 75%.