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Server Configuration

Server Config
Server Name RagnaTime
EXP/Job Rate x5
Drop Rate x1
Card Drop 0.05%
Quest Rate x1
Pet Intimacy x1
Homun Intimacy x1

General Information

Server Info
Server Mode Pre-Renewal
Episode 13.1 Ash Vacuum
Emulator rAthena
PartyShareLvL 15 LvL
Minimum Skill Delay 200ms
Server Language English, but all languages are welcome!
Server Type International

Server Features

Autoloot Disable
Arealoot Enable
MultiClient Max. 2 per PC
MultiLevel Disable
Repeatable Quest Enable

For other features see the main page.

Technical Information

Technical Info
Client Security Gepard Shield
ADelays Security Private Internal Security
Main Host Location Europe
AntiDDoS Enable
International proxy Enable