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1.1 Server rules apply to all players without exception.

1.2 The lack of knowledge about the rules does not exempt you from penalties.

1.3 Impersonating a member of the staff will be punished with permanent ban of the account.

1.4 It is not allowed to make direct or indirect advertising of another server, nor bot configuration pages or other advertising of this type.

1.5 In case of repeated violations, we are entitled to apply more severe sanctions, including a permanent ban of the account.

1.6 ​​​​​​​It is forbidden to insult, harass, be disrespectful or any other act considered a foul to both a member of the staff and users.

RMT (Real money trade)

2.1 Selling or trading accounts/characters/items, etc., for real money is not allowed.


3.1 Use different global channels for their respective purposes and not for others.

3.2 Mocking, harassing, insulting, or provoking another user or staff is not allowed.

3.3 Spreading false rumors about the server is not allowed.

3.4 Selling or trading accounts is not allowed.

3.5 Making jokes of any kind is not allowed

Security, Accounts and Names.


4.0.1 The staff will never ask for your password. Do NOT give your password to anyone, not even the staff.

4.0.2 The Staff will not be responsible for stolen items/zeny/accounts.

4.0.3 The user is responsible for the security of their account, do not share your personal data. Account theft, items, zeny, among others, will not be refunded or investigated by the Staff.


4.1.1 The staff will not be responsible for theft.

4.1.2 Account security is the responsibility of the user.

4.1.3 It is not recommended to share account details with friends, family, or acquaintances.

4.1.4 It is advisable to use different passwords and usernames on each game server.

4.1.5 The misuse of an account (borrowed) will be punished regardless of not being the owner of it


4.2.1 The use of offensive, burlesque names, with insults towards the user and/or staff is prohibited.

4.2.2 The use of character names related to religion, racism, wars, contentious contexts, terrorism, among others, is not allowed.

4.2.3 The use of names in Party/Guild/Pets related to religion, racism, wars, contentious contexts, terrorism, among others, is not allowed.

4.2.4 Character names should be easily readable; names like IIlllI that have an 'i' and an 'L' are not allowed. If caught using a similar name, you will have 24 hours after being informed to change or delete your name/character, otherwise, you will be sent to Jail with a permanent mute.

Third-party programs, bugs & edits.

5.1 Exclusive use of GreyMap or squaremap is allowed to reduce graphic lag on older computers.

5.2 The staff will not provide installation or editing support of any kind.

5.3 The use of bugs (game errors) for their own benefit and/or others is prohibited, leaving the user under the obligation to immediately notify the administrator, report it on the Service Desk in the Control Panel.

5.4 The use of AHK, AutoPots, Spammers, NoDelay and many others IS NOT ALLOWED. USAGE WILL BE PUNISHED WITH PERMANENT BAN.

5.5 Any modification or editing of the client or game files is not allowed. Except for rule 5.0.1

Double Login.

6.1 The maximum number of clients is 2 per computer; if you have more than one PC, you can use it without any problems. There are modifications in place to prevent excessive abuse.

Monster, MVPs and summons

​​​​​7.0.1 It is not allowed to give support or support properties (buff) to monsters that are being attacked by other users.

7.0.2 It is forbidden to attack other user's monsters (kill stealing), use @noks to avoid problems.


7.1.1 Interference in MVP encounters is allowed. A clear intent to effectively kill the MVP must be demonstrated.

7.1.2 Latching onto another group to kill the MVP is not allowed.

7.1.3 The party in question must have the equipment and characters to be able to eliminate the MVP.

7.1.4 It is not allowed to cause an MVP to use the Teleport. Triggering the teleport ability in the MVP to increase its HP is not allowed. ​​​​​​​Record a video for a better report in case of conflicts with other users.

7.1.5 Moving the MVP on the map to 'heal' its HP is not allowed.

7.1.6 Moving the MVP on the map to prevent others from attacking it is not allowed.

Branchs and others summons

7.2.1 Any MVP summoned via Bloody Branch and Hocus Pocus is considered Free For All.

7.2.2 Every monster spawned from Dead Branches and Bloody Branches is considered Free For All.

7.2.3 Any monster summoned by any means is considered Free For All. The use of NOKS is allowed when the monster is not an MVP.


8.1 A warning or notice may not necessarily be given before a punishment.

8.2 Punishments are entirely at the discretion of the Staff depending on the severity of the actions.

8.3 Donating doesn't make you immune to punishments.